If looks could kill: adventures in fear based parenting

This is one of my favorite photos. It was taken by my Granny in her backyard and includes 4 of her 5 grown children. May I direct your attention to the front row, second from left.

That would be Jack, my devious brother. I wonder what kind of shennanigans one could possibly be pulling during a 5 second family photo shoot, but Jack was creative in that department.

To the left is cousin Tricia, who knows better than to defy her parents but takes obvious delight in Jack's daring ways.

Then pan over, far right, to my parents- both of whom are attempting to control their son who is out of arms reach...and knows it. Finally there is Ashley.

Good, sweet little Ashley who is smiling oblivious to it all while Mom takes out her aggression by raking her fingers through Ash's hair.


Patty & Jack said...

OMG! love the outfits!!!!

Anonymous said...

loved seeing this. heaven only knows what jack was attempting to do. believe it or not i miss those days. poor ashley; jack owes her for takingmy anger instead of him.
xxoo mom

Aunt Nancy said...

So funny! Even though I was the missing "grown child", this photo brought back a lot of happy memories of vacations spent in Portland at Granny's house.