My dear friend Kristen turned 30 last week. To celebrate we had a picnic in a park, with an internationally themed peanut butter potluck to honor her world travels & favorite food. We also had egg races, three and FOUR legged races, and the most amazing peanut butter cake ever, created by one talented ms. michelle wald.
KP opening a gift...which included some emergency ration sized pb

Jo & Mateo, each skeptical of one another's hats

KP & The Rush Family

Skurski's & Waldo

CB writing in the journal of notes for Kristen

Michelle brought these nose cups...which you can't see well but were very funny

Raelee- ring master of the party & picnic queen extraordinaire

and finally, the cake!


Kate said...

UM, I think your daughter looks like my daughter in her picture. I think my daughter is pretty cute - so her cousin must be also!!!!

Patty & Jack said...

this cake is amazing.