The new (and much improved) Michele Stephens!

On 7-10 my lovable cousin Casey got married to his high school sweetheart. This is the Stephens family curse- him, me, and I believe 3 sets of our aunts/uncles married their high school loves. Sweet isn't it? Anyhow, his beautiful bride's name is Michele so she is now Michele Stephens...darn close to my maiden name, Michelle Stephens. She is awesome & I am SO glad she is officially part of the family. Great sense of humor, that gal. And she's spunky and sassy and so I like her a lot. For the joyous occasion I busted out a dress I might otherwise not sport, but it was a big day & called for a big dress. Hot pink and one sleeved with poofy flowers, no less.
Dad & his girls

The corbett street crew- these people represent a significant portion of my childhood. Henry lived on the same block as us, with his older brother (not pictured), cousin casey lived down the street, and I'm not sure exactly where Robert lived but he was always around too. We had a club called Totally Top Warriors. Initiation was jumping off Jack's clubhouse. It was not joke. Good thing I'm already a member b/c I might be too scared to jump off that thing now.
The blushing bride! And Veera- my lovely exchange student cousin from Russia!


Aunt Nancy said...

That dress looks amazing on you! I think hot pink is your color (it's one of my favorites).

Kate said...

So sassy! I have been waiting for a full length pic of it - I love it! FYI - Na takes credit for picking it out.

Patty & Jack said...

LOVED your dress. :)