Today I felt something odd, looked down, and saw this:

Now. Here's what I'd think if I were....
...fatalistic: this was destined to happen on July 15th, 2010.
...thankful: I am glad this happened today and not yesterday or it could have been lost forever on the pumice beaches of Crescent Lake.
...practical: it's just a ring.
...dissatisfied: if the stone would have been lost my insurance would have paid out way more than what we paid for it, and I'd have gotten a much larger ring.
...altruistic: if this had been lost on a path at the zoo, think of how happy it would have made someone to find it?
...suspicious: who the heck messed with my ring?
...paranoid: who broke into my house, drugged me into a deep sleep, removed my ring, hammered it in in half, replaced it, and then left a sink full of dishes and a pile of laundry along as an added insult?
...optimistic: It's a good thing I noticed this and didn't lose it!
...defeatist: this is probably going to pinch my finger fat, cause an infection which will fester, get into my blood stream and kill me. dead.
...contemplative: what does this say about my MARRIAGE?!
...inquisitive: how the heck did this happen?
...accusatory: darn jeweler.
...opportunistic: time for a new ring I guess!

I'll settle for opportunistic ;)


Kate said...

Ah!!! I can't believe this happened!!! I'm glad you didn't lose the stone and end up with a much bigger rock...then I would have had to, "lose" my diamond too - just to keep up with the Middlebrooks' :)

Patty & Jack said...

Michelle are you at the Shane Co. today? :)

Anonymous said...

Do all those adjectives just fly out of your head or do you need to look them up?

You are so creative.

Aunt A.

Anonymous said...

Hey that happened to me! I got a new ring!