I love this picture. We got dad a cement bear statue for his pond that he wanted, and someone (patty?) has noticed that genetics have blessed us with the ability to make a horrific grizzly bear face. It must be passed down the ellis side, as you can see my mom is participating (limp left side notwithstanding) and dad has elected not to engage. If only our spouses were in this, it would make an outstanding Christmas card!

Update on Mom:
Our new superstar caregiver started this week. She is adorable. She is sweet. She is a nursing student. She took my mom swimming. She talks mom into doing her therapy. She braved fred meyers with mom (including the electric scooter). She preps dinner for my dad, cleans, etc. I project that in the next 5-7 days jack ash & I will be abandoned and she'll take our place. She's that awesome. Seriously, she's a doll. It is really perking mom up, and alleviating all sorts of strain & chaos!

Physical update on Mom: She can push your hand with her left fingers (!) and she is getting some tingling in her left toes. She can do the step into the living room unassissted and I've seen her take a few steps without her cane. This is big stuff, folks.


Aunt Nancy said...

Gooooo Karen! Whoo Whoo!

Tasha said...

That is HUGE stuff!!! Awesome!

Nina said...

I'm so happy to hear about your mom!! Every milestone in her recovery is a miracle. Every step is a great answer to prayers.