Treasure Trove

After my Granny passed away my Aunt Laurie began the process of scanning all our family photos. What a treasure to have these digitally- so many memories to recall. Here's a semi-random sampling, loosly centered around some of my younger fashion mishaps...

Granny & Grandad - how sweet is the expression on his face?

Mom and I- but I see Jo's little face here.

Here's the first ouch: plaid flannel, 7th or maybe 8th grade. Buttoned. To. The. Top.

Here's a find that should be rare but wasn't: MC Hammer pants, hemmed on a bias for a reason I cannot name. I'm pretty sure my mom made these. Note to self: if your mom has to MAKE something for you since you can't find it in stores, there is probably a good reason you can't find it in stores. PS- those are LA Gear shoes with white AND silver laces (2 pairs per shoe) and Jack is wearing the hippest neon outfit he owned. He wore that for an entire summer. My aunt Terri gave it to him but the hat was from a Wendy's happy meal. I'm 100% correct, right Jack? This was 4th or 5th grade.

Now I KNOW my mom made these pants for me. I'm pretty sure this is Gran & I on Easter, maybe 3rd grade.

And last but not least, this pic of me with Granny on an exercise bike sums up my lifelong philosophy about fitness: work out to pig out. Hence the cookie.


Kate said...

Love these pics!!! And LOVE the home made clothing!!! Way to go Karen!

Anonymous said...

hey mitch where are my copies
xxoo mom ps you loved those pants and even piceked out the material