Tub Remodel...bleh

Good grief. We've not got much to blog about on this subject.
Cement board IN:

I don't think the picture accurately conveys the amount of sweat and toil it took to get to that point.

Let me clarify:

There has been much fretting and wringing of hands. Countless phone calls to dad for advice (followed by corroboration of said advice on google) and then follow up calls to dad to debate the merit of his advice which conflicts with google's advice. At least 3 trips to home depot. One lost tape measure, and anxiety that no tub warrants. I think the people at the gym's front desk are starting to suspect I live in my car in some corner of the Nike parking lot. I show up at 5:45 with mascara smeared under my eyes, grody hair, and mismatched pajama/clothes. I shower and minutes later walk back by the front desk ready for work. I reappear at noon to work out, and shower again. This probably makes no sense to them. It makes no sense to me.

Now, after much lamenting, look at this picture and make some sort of exclamation like "BAM" or "BOOYEAH" or "OHHHHHHH SNAP!" for effect.

WHOA! How'd that happen?!?!? It happened tonight. All on my own while Luke was practicing to be a ninja at judo. And I wrapped it up early for the sole purpose of brogging (that's blog bragging...which I just now invented) about it. Maybe I'll have more brogging tomorrow. Or maybe I'll take the week off tiling as a reward.


Aunt Nancy said...

I feel your pain. Eric and I went through this process a couple of years ago. But it was worth it to finally be rid of the ugly shower unit we had before. Hang in there! Have another beer.

Patty & Jack said...

oh Michelle. I know living in construction. But no bathroom and your are going on like three weeks of it! You win for sure!

The Ropp Family said...

I was without a shower for 3 days and I was super grumpy.

Hm. Some how I think you're not giving Luke enough praise here.

Anonymous said...

you are awsome can you help dad finish our bath xxoo mom