Sunday we had our dear friend Alvaro & his boys over for a BBQ. It has been years since we've seen Alvaro so we invited over some of our favorite peeps to celebrate: the bunches & the becks! Sadly I did NOT get many photos, but here's what we've got to share:

Cristina y Alvaro!

Jo was showing the boys how to use the fan.

big bunch & baby bunch

mini-mike, mini-cristina, and mini-michelle...all mezmorized by a cracker that becky is bribing them with. mike, cristina & I are outside the frame, also mesmorized and staring at the cracker...

This is how my house parties of evolved- we used to eat, drink, and watch our friends make fools of themselves. Now we eat, drink, and delight in the way our kids dance to baby einstein banjo music!


Nina said...

I sure am loving these pictures. The little ones are so cute. Looks like a great time by all !

Anonymous said...

i can never get enough of these blogs of mylittle sinker xxoo mom