Crazy Like Me?

Things have trended in the direction of "normal" in the last 6 weeks since we hired a helper for mom. Dad & I have resumed our normal work schedules. Mom's made a lot of progress in this time, and we are collectively in love with our caregiver. I'll do a mom update soon, but for now, let me focus on myself. It's what comes naturally to me.

Luke's kicked his domestic contributions into high gear since my mom's stroke. He helps a LOT and for this, I love him. There are other reasons I like him, but my main reason for liking anyone at all is based on the level of housework I derive from them. This is why I like myself so much.

Anyhow, so Luke's been helping out. I've been slacking off. And Luke's standard of cleanliness is clean to my CLEAN! This means my house was in kind of a cleanliness purgatory. Junk was mostly put away, but it had been AGES since anyone scrubbed a floorboard or dusted shelves. Add in the tiling saga and you can imagine how things looked. Despite all this we decided to have some friends over for dinner last week. That seemed like a good idea until I started looking at my house from the perspective of prospective guests. Uh-oh.

Simple fix? Ha haaaa! Hire it out! Really. I bought a deep clean maid service package. It was my ace in the hole. Or up the sleeve. Or wherever aces go. Imagine my surprise and terror when the maid service COULDN'T FIT ME IN THAT WEEK!

So with lots of stuff going on, the SMART thing to do would be to assess the situation and clean the stuff that matters- sweep & mop. Clean the toilet, etc. That is the LOGICAL thing to do, so why suddenly a week before the dinner did I have the overwhelming urge to clean out my fridge and reorganize it? I bet not one guest looked in my fridge, much less cared what it looked like. I think this is insane, but I couldn't help myself. In the time it took me to turn my fridge upside down I could have probably accomplished all other essential pre-company cleaning tasks. Now that I think about it, the last 2 times I unleashed on a fridge was when I was prego w/Jo (right at the end- NESTING!) and on my parent's fridge a week after my mom's stroke. Maybe I have some sick (albeit PRODUCTIVE) association with stress & fridge cleaning. On a related note, I do not have OCD and I don't really know anyone that does, and maybe this is a flippant thing to say, but really I think if you're gonna have some sort of mental affliction, OCD is at least productive!!! People who are hoarders or bipolar or schizophrenic - now that's not value added for anyone! But OCD...well now I bet those folks have a clean fridge and bathroom.

The other ridiculous thing I decided to do before company came was to wash all the inside & outside windows. They were definitely overdue, but again- why worry about windows when you have dust bunnies stuck to your ceiling fan?! Then I pulled some weeds. That almost makes sense- but I pulled like 20 weeds and I have about 2,000. It was like I was short circuiting while cleaning. I'd be in the middle of cleaning the kitchen & then veer off into the bathroom to reorganize my make up bag. I'm not kidding- that happened.

So I thought, are there other crazy people out there who do the most unnecessary anti-productive cleaning tasks in preparation for company? Then I had a flashback to every Thanksgiving in memory...when my mom would send us up to our rooms with pine-sol soaked rags to clean scuff marks off the interior of our bedroom doors. We'd try to reason with her: NONE of the 25 guests would be inspecting our interior door frames. Then we'd see flames of fury in her eyes & skulk off to scrub our woodwork. So it seems that maybe I inherited this mess. Thanks, mom.


The Ropp Family said...

I think this runs in the family. Right after mom had her stroke I spent a day home and cleaned out the fridge, top to bottom, then out to the freezer outside.

I've been in the middle of something like cleaning the bathroom and stopped to organize photos....it's a strange thing!

Patty & Jack said...

We women have minds going a mile a minute. I think this is VERY common.

Anonymous said...

but at least you now know how to clean something you just have to stay focused and the more kids you have eventually they can help too. from a clean house(i didnt clean it ash and dad did), love you, mom