I just posted this on Katie's blog- but I'll repost here:
Finley Noelle Heihn was born at 1:48 am today (Friday 8/20/10) weighing 7 lbs and measuring 21 inches long!!! (This is Michelle, posting for Katie, by the way)

So- back to the news. Matt is doing fine. His hand hurts from where Katie squeezed it, but the doctor believes he'll make a full recovery. The doctor didn't think any meds were necessary, but tylenol may be permissible if his discomfort persists. He's also a little tired (as to be expected, he hasn't gone to bed yet and it is nearly 3am!) and a bit hungry. He said he may have Katie run down to the cafeteria to pick him up a little snack. Oh wait. How's KATIE doing? Oh, well she's doing fine too! ;) Can I just say, since Katie wouldn't blog this about herself, that she is an AMAZING woman and momma! Her contractions got to be 3 minutes apart around 10:30, so they left to the hospital around midnight. At 1:37 am her water broke and delivery prep began. Katie is such a champ- NO EPIDURAL folks. Again she's not in to bragging, so I'll brag a little for her. I hear that natural childbirth is REALLY hard. Like when you get to the mall & there are no close parking spots hard. Or go to the beach & realize you forgot your fave sunglasses hard. Not for the weak of heart! Which Katie is not. What an amazing momma- I mean seriously- who looks so good after GIVING BIRTH!?
Congrats to Matt, Kate, Savannah & Zerkes & Max- who of course are pacing around on four paws just drooling to meet little Finley!
PS- now that I've got Kate's password I may or may not choose to do impromptu (read: uninvited) guest posts here & there.... ;)


Tasha said...

Congrats to the family! New babies are so great!

Anonymous said...

katie looks beautful -and right after giving birth! hoe does she do it. xxoo karen