Kimberly Surprises Sara in the Airport!

Kimberly surprised her mom & siblings by coming back to the US unannounced after being in South Africa fighting against prostitution & human trafficking (in the name of Jesus!). What an amazing surprise- especially for her mom Sara who didn't think she'd get to see Kim until next spring. Watch the video of the airport reunion on katie's blog, here: http://yourheihness.blogspot.com/2010/08/best-surprise-ever.html

Then on Sunday Kim, Sara & Lex flew back to Portland to surprise Luke, Chris, the girls & kiddos. They were shocked (well, except clever chris) - here's the video of that reunion- touching. Luke's sitting on the couch for the duration (well, now that's a profound statement! hee hee) because he is that surprised - you can't see it but his mouth is hanging open in shock!


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

So perfect.

Anonymous said...

This is like Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, etc. You just turn the channel, blogs FB etc. and here is yet another version of the greatest surprise ever. How fun for those who have all the links! Thank you

Love to all,
Aunt Amanda