Misc. Thoughts

a) In a spontaneous expression of love the other day I said to Luke, "You're my best friend." His rapid fire response: "yeah. you're definitely in my top ten."

b) It's not that I can't return my books on time, it's just that paying late fees is how I choose to support my local library.

c) My dentist told me not to feel too bad about my cavities. He said I have "soft teeth." I think that is the dental equivalent of being told you're not fat, just "big boned."

d) I cleaned out my office at work the other day. It was long overdue. I brought home a breast pump, a water pitcher, two reusable grocery bags, one of jo's plastic bowls, and EIGHT travel coffee mugs. So today marked DAY ONE of my new resolution to walk out of my office each afternoon with the same mug I took into the office. I failed.

e) My mom was trying out a cane she doesn't normally use. The rubber grip on the bottom is falling apart so she said to my dad, "Casey- I need to get a new rubber." He said (because he's her Hardy), "Why?" She poked at the floor and said, "Because I don't want to get the floor pregnant!"

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Aunt Nancy said...

That sis of mine. She is so funny! Love that!