OSF: oregon state fair

We hit up the OSF last week. It's like a million miles south. We took Kimberly for entertainment on the long car ride. We had to take two or three rest breaks, stop for 1 meal, get the oil changed and tires rotated, sleep over at a motel 6, and then FINALLY we arrived in Salem. Ok, maybe it took 40 minutes but anywhere south of Wilsonville feels like a road trip to me. It was worth it. Why?

I generously shared 5% of the elephant ear with luke & jo.
Jo scouted out the piggies

...which you can buy. So they can become your pet, I assume.

3 of my lovely sisters

Jo was disappointed because the carnie wouldn't let her on the roller coaster. TOO SHORT he said. HEIGHT FAIL.

So uncle jack offered to let her ride on his shoulders. He know how it feels to be rejected by carnies on the basis of height.

and Patty scared the daylights out of Jack by having her pic taken with a snake. Jack couldn't even watch. He started sweating, shaking, and had to evacuate lest he start to cry.

So now I know what I'm getting Jack for Christmas. A python.

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Jessica said...

Well I'm glad you got to go! It looks like everyone had fun! Patty, if you're reading this, YOU ARE ONE BRAVE WOMAN! There is no way I would want to be that close to a giant snake!