Post 20 mile Pine State

Saturday was our last 20 miler before the marathon. I planned our route to end at Pine State on Belmont...the most amazing plate of fried breakfast food I've ever beheld. I felt a lot of anxiety at being in charge of the route, so I carried our list of turns while we ran:

We met at SE 37th & Belmont. What do I see when I pull up? A honey bucket. This was a very good omen.

Anna & I ran 4 miles through Laurelhurst, then KP joined in:

You can't tell, but here we are at the top of Mt. Tabor, about 8 miles into the run.

Then back to Pine State to pick up CB, who was looking especially bushy-tailed and refreshed in comparison. The rest of us ate goo. Which under normal circumstances I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. It is like swallowing berry flavored snot. BUT it has caffeine, and some other sort of magic that I buy into, so at mile 11 it seemed like a good idea.

Can you tell where we work?

FINISHED! 20 miles done & over with.

And on to the best part...Pine State

THIS was a feast.

In more detail...it was bacon & fried egg on fried chicken on a biscuit covered in GRAVY. For this, I run.

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