Sept. 4th: Long Run In Pictures!

Saturday was a conglomeration of a run- CB wanted to run 10, I needed to run 18. I ran from PSU nearly all the way back home- to Sellwood at Oaks Bottom, then back to PSU, picked up CB & we ran up Terwilliger to Fred Meyer & back. Since I was alone for the first 8.5 I decided to take pictures with my phone along the way...
The route:


Mile 3: my all time favorite view on a run: the top of the Sellwood bridge

Mile 3.5: Sellwood Pool- I took this for nostalgic reasons. Jack & I took swim lessons here as kids & we ALWAYS got a sno-cone right in this exact spot-

Mile 4: Overlooking Oaks Bottom, on the Sellwood Bluff- you can see Oaks Park & downtown from here

Mile 5.5: Possibly the only remaining all-metal playground in Portland- at the south end of Willamette park. We used to feed the ducks here, and get the backs of our legs scorched going down the slide

Mile 12: I forced CB to pose by the totem pole at Chart House- a compliant little runner, she is.

Victory! Well, not really- we still had about 7 miles to go. Bleh. Overlooking Portland, also at Chart House

THIS was to be the reward- a Pine State Biscuit at the Portland Farmers Market. Sadly when we got back down there the line was over 30 minutes long!

Not in the mood to wait that long for food I opted for some knockyoursocksoff deep dish pizza from Via Chicago. I highly recommend it! The crushed tomato on top is the best part.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Sooo impressive! That pizza, I mean! :) you are pretty B.A. As well

Dottie said...

Love these pics! Miss running with you gals! So impressed with the 20miles, YAY!