160 lbs of CHICKEN

Last month I pre-paid for 160 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast. B/S Chicken is nearly all the protein we consume in this house, and it was being sold for $1.48/lb (STEAL) and to be delivered FRESH (aka recently slaughtered). The catch is that it is packed in cases of 40lbs, leaving the packing/storing up to you. I ended up taking the day off work to deal with this chicken. All too late I realized that maybe I hadn't thought through this very well:

That is 4 40lb boxes of chicken on my oven.
I prepped freezer bags of marinade, so that after I freeze the chicken & then later take it out to defrost, the chicken will marinade while it warms up:

Also I turned on cartoons for Jo, since handling a toddler with slimy germy chicken hands is not an option.
Oooh- this one looks tasty now doesn't it?

BAM: 4 hours later I've got twice as much bagged chicken as shown below:

So guess what I've been craving lately?


Speak Easy

Jo's got lotsa words lately. My top favorites are: APPLE, ELMO, and "OH PRETTY". Don't watch these videos unless you gave birth to a child who parented this one- otherwise it is probably not worth your time:

Two Winning Recipes

I made these two dishes last Sunday with dinner. They were TO DIE FOR. I'm not saying they're for everyone- if you like delicately flavored dishes these will bomb your tongue & you'll not take my advice ever again. But if you like balsamic vinegar & bacon...

Roasted Veggies:
I used a big aluminum cookie sheet & covered it with thinly sliced:
fresh garlic
quartered cherry tomatoes
baby carrots (sliced in half lengthwise)
red bell pepper
yellow squash
asparagus (big stalks, not scrawny ones)

Then I doused the whole thing with salt, pepper, olive oil, copious amounts of honey & balsamic vinegar, and a pinch or two of rosemary.

I baked at 450 for 45 min or so. I didn't stir. I let them get a bit black & the honey carmalized everything & the balsamic tasted divine. YUM.

Then I made The Pioneer Woman's green bean cheese casserole- http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2010/11/green-bean-casserole/
BUT I used maple bacon instead of regular bacon. And I don't know how much she calls for, but I used a whole pound of bacon & less than a pound of green beans. Do the math. That's more bacon than beans. It was AMAZING:

iphone backlog

I just uploaded all my iphone pics to my computer- here's the last few months in pictures:
Jo eating rocks at the Phoenix airport:

Airplane ride:

Precious, sweet, pink cheeks:

First time experiencing air-popped popcorn with butter & salt:

half a gallon of spilled costco salsa (lesson learned: you can wait the 10 min to get home to eat your salsa, fatty)

be still my heart...

Her absolute all time favorite book (thanks hannah!)

In the tub, enjoying what I call a poo-popsicle, which is frozen berries and prune juice to help get things rollin' for a sad, constipated toddler:

Another reason supervision is critical in the bathtub (that's her clothes in there with her):

Smooching Unca-Jack:

Halloween & jack-o-lanterns:

Thinking back to summer & warmer days:

Looking HIP

I Hate Halloween

Johonna's mother hand-crafted her an adorable fairy costume for Halloween. It took her four hours. There was literally blood shed while making this costume(two needles to the finger). Careful thought was given to accessories: wings, sparkle shoes, etc. Johonna's mother had high hopes for an adorable halloween with photos and grandparent visits and a trip to the church harvest festival. There would be candy and giggles and hugs. It was not to be. Here is how Johonna crushed her momma's halloween dreams:

miss this girl

Jumping GILLY bean

Gillian is a master tumbler:


Mad Ups

When you're 18 months old, jumping is akin to forceful standing- but way more exciting.

heihns in portland!

Last month Matt, Katie & Savannah came to Portland to introduce the newest Heihn: FINLEY!
Katie & her babes:
Matt & his eldest daughter & god daughter
Luke, his daughte & god daughter
Poor boys- WAY outnumbered by girls!
Katie, Christina & birthday girl Cassandra!
Lexee & her minions:

Happy Birthday Richard

This is sooo behind- but my nephew is now ten years old. Grandma made her first ever ice cream cake. Here's what they thought of it:
I like this one:
And this one too- I wish I could find a way to crop out the corona...but let's keep it real shall we?
family pic: