160 lbs of CHICKEN

Last month I pre-paid for 160 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast. B/S Chicken is nearly all the protein we consume in this house, and it was being sold for $1.48/lb (STEAL) and to be delivered FRESH (aka recently slaughtered). The catch is that it is packed in cases of 40lbs, leaving the packing/storing up to you. I ended up taking the day off work to deal with this chicken. All too late I realized that maybe I hadn't thought through this very well:

That is 4 40lb boxes of chicken on my oven.
I prepped freezer bags of marinade, so that after I freeze the chicken & then later take it out to defrost, the chicken will marinade while it warms up:

Also I turned on cartoons for Jo, since handling a toddler with slimy germy chicken hands is not an option.
Oooh- this one looks tasty now doesn't it?

BAM: 4 hours later I've got twice as much bagged chicken as shown below:

So guess what I've been craving lately?



ann said...

hilarious! great idea with the marinade...might have to try that one. anything to cut the steps down...

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you never let me down! I love this--and a fantastic idea of marinating them ahead of time, to boot. Are you for hire?


Dottie said...

I agree with Stephanie, are you for hire! Whats B/S chicken? You must have a big freezer.