I Hate Halloween

Johonna's mother hand-crafted her an adorable fairy costume for Halloween. It took her four hours. There was literally blood shed while making this costume(two needles to the finger). Careful thought was given to accessories: wings, sparkle shoes, etc. Johonna's mother had high hopes for an adorable halloween with photos and grandparent visits and a trip to the church harvest festival. There would be candy and giggles and hugs. It was not to be. Here is how Johonna crushed her momma's halloween dreams:


Patty & Jack said...

Hahhahahah this made my night!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Michelle! Don't kids just keep us so humble!? I wish I could tell you that someday that would pass, but no. Sadly.

That was so funny. In a sort of abusive, sad, and gratifying way.