iphone backlog

I just uploaded all my iphone pics to my computer- here's the last few months in pictures:
Jo eating rocks at the Phoenix airport:

Airplane ride:

Precious, sweet, pink cheeks:

First time experiencing air-popped popcorn with butter & salt:

half a gallon of spilled costco salsa (lesson learned: you can wait the 10 min to get home to eat your salsa, fatty)

be still my heart...

Her absolute all time favorite book (thanks hannah!)

In the tub, enjoying what I call a poo-popsicle, which is frozen berries and prune juice to help get things rollin' for a sad, constipated toddler:

Another reason supervision is critical in the bathtub (that's her clothes in there with her):

Smooching Unca-Jack:

Halloween & jack-o-lanterns:

Thinking back to summer & warmer days:

Looking HIP