A Classy Affair

Jack & I discussed this today and agree: Michele & Casey hosted the classiest dinner event we've ever been to- much less been the guests of honor at! Casey & Michele hosted a bday party for Jack & I at their home in Beaverton last night. When I walked in the front door, Michele was wearing an apron (very domestic), Casey was drinking a beer (also very domestic) and the house smelled amazing. Rosemary focaccia bread, home made meatballs, a creamy pasta dish, stuffed tomatoes & Cesar salad were the fare-- plus some amazing cupcakes made by Abby. The drink assortment alone was staggering. There was a crudite platter and assorted nuts and olives. I'm not kidding you, it was the nicest dinner party I've ever been to. And the house??? Casey & Michele bought it a year ago & have almost completely gutted & refinished it. It is beautiful AND they had Christmas lights along the roof line- which obviously required the use of a ladder (my benchmark for a well lit Christmastime home). I love, love, love my cousins- when it turns out that the people you'd take with you to Pietro's when you're eight are the SAME people you'd like to spend your Friday night's with at 30, you know you've got a good fam.

PS: in two separate conversations with my mom & dad today, they each individually asked me the same question, verbatim: "Did your brother behave himself?" hee hee. No, he didn't, but that's why he's the life of the party :)

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