Luke: an update

Since I post so often about Johonna & all of her remarkable milestones, achievements & vocabularic* advances, I figured I should maybe post some updates about Luke. So here we go:

1. Every year at Christmas, Grandma Jo fills a jar with M&M's. Everyone takes a guess at the total number of M&M's and whoever is closest wins them. Personally I have serious doubts that Grandma actually counts the M&M's. Anyhow, Luke told me last night: Watch this, I'm going to win. And guess what? He did. He guessed 817, there were 824 in the jar. Or so Grandma says...
2. Luke has had the same head and facial hair style since I met him- in 1996. I guess if ya got a good thing going....

3. Luke almost exclusively wears dark blue shirts.
4. Luke is currently watching the Blazer game AND reading the Economist. He really wishes I cared to read the Economist, he thinks it would bring us closer. He told me today: We could have the best conversations if you would just read it. I told him I'd read it as soon as he develops an affinity for coffee, the food network, and romantic comedies.
5. The other day I was trying to take a nap, and heard from the kitchen a distinct "tink-tink-tink" which I immediately suspected to be skittles dropping one by one into a glass bowl. My sharp deductive wit immediately drew a disastrous conclusion, confirmed as I flew from bed to kitchen to catch Luke picking out every red and orange skittle. He proceeded to eat his favorite colors and I'm left with a bowl of yellow, green and purple skittles that I just can't be motivated to eat.

6. Tonight Luke danced with Jo to the music from a Handy Manny toolbox. Jo got SUCH a kick out of it. As soon as the music ended she'd press the button again & throw her hands up to Dad in effort to bust as many moves as possible in 8 seconds.
7. Luke told me that if he had a blog he would call it "The Boss Hog Blog."
8. Luke has an uncanny memory when it comes to sports trivia, song lyrics, and movie plots.
9. Luke is excellent at telling funny stories. He can recount a funny commercial such that when you see it, you're disappointed because it wasn't as funny as it was when he explained it.
10. Luke's screen name for most things is "chickendinner" - as in "winner winner chicken dinner."
11. Luke is highly offended by the dog's noxious gas. Ironic, really.

12. Luke told me today that morning sickness is in my head. He said: If I told you to smell a flower you'd say, "oh that makes me sick." Which brings me to # 13...
13. Luke is a bit of a know-it-all.
14. My favorite mental picture of Luke (besides him 2 months pregnant gagging in a field of flowers) is him laughing with tears in his eyes at something his dad or brother said or did. No one makes him laugh like they do- and it is a hoot to behold.
15. True story: Luke's talking to someone while playing video games (a pasttime I dellusionally assumed he's "grow out of"). He must have just been asked, "How was your Christmas?" Because he replied: "Good. We've got my funny family [Christmas] tomorrow. We'll offend people by getting obnoxious & then laughing at the offended people." He's right though- there's usually an entertaining amount of obnoxiousness & offense at most Middlebrooks family get togethers :)

*vocabularic is not a real word, but it should be.

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christian said...

what about the fact that he's a RAGING soccer fan?