[muhl-it-ek-tuh-mee] noun: the act of removing an attrocious hairstyle from the head of your toddler, typically requiring force, skittles, and resulting in tears.


I didn't avoid cutting her hair for emotional reasons as much as from dillusional optimism that her hair would thicken, curl, and fill in. Unfortunately it did fill in- the bangs grew long, the tail grew long, but the sides stayed short. So we went to some ridiculously cheerful & expensive kid's salon in lake oswego (as milwaukie is apparently NOT a target market for an upscale children's salon).

The cost was $20 and worth it.

Jo got to sit in a car while having her hair trimmed, watch elmo, and received a lollipop and balloon for her troubles. Not to mention some purple glitter hair spray and a side pony.

After the initial tears were shed, the hair was cut, and my bank account debited, Jo decided she did indeed want to stick around & play. We sat for an hour in the waiting area, me on a couch, her in the driver's seat of a pink barbie escalade. Her grandpa found this particularly fortuitous, as he has ordered her a black mercedes benz power wheels for christmas, and is now 100% affirmed in his purchase. Jo didn't actually GO anywhere, but she liked to push all the buttons. I guess that's something that she at 19 months and me at 16 years had in common.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Yay Jo! Her hair looks so so cute. And, I can't wait for her new car. She's going to be so sassy as she drives her Benz with her newly cut hair blowing in the wind.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel