Pregnancy Cocktail

I am sure this is in my head (this, to appease my husband who is sure I've gone crazy and asks intermittently, "are you going to be like this for the next nine months?" to which I lie, "no, the horomones are worse in the very beginning and at the very end.") but I've been craving things like crazy. Salty SALTY potato chips, cup of ramen, and SOUR SOUR SOUR things. These, all items I never crave- except maybe the chips. So tonight I set out to make a chilled drink to satisfy my craving, and here's what it contains:

3 cups water
1 can raspberry lemonade concentrate
1/2 cup straight lemon juice
lime seltzer water
lots of ice


Tasha said...

I totally missed your post on being preggo...congrats! Here's to a happy and healthy nine months. :)

Des said...

I make those kind of mocktails when i am also preggers, SOOOO good!