M is for Middlebrooks- NOT Michelle

I started collecting "M's" after I got married & changed my last name to Middlebrooks. This should serve as proof that the M's in my house stand for our family name- not my own first name. But if you're going to insist on thinking "MICHELLE" when you see an M, well...who am I to stop you? Interpret as you see fit.

Here's a sampling of some of my favorite M's:
My newest M- made for me by my Dad for Christmas. He soldered pennies together & treated them differently to turn them different colors. This is special because my dad is in the process of collecting 1,000,000 pennies. He set his collection back about $1.50 for this, and it was worth it!

This is a stained glass M my mom made for us a few years ago. This is the back of the M, so reverse it in your mind. It hangs in our dining room so that everyone who drives by will know that Michelle lives here. err...the Middlebrooks family.

I like the brushed finish of this heavy M:

Whoa- lots of M's- most from my Mom.

Another M from Dad. He didn't make this one but randomly found it at a collectors market- it is and would make an excellent defense weapon if ever I find an unwelcome intruder in my home (as opposed to a welcomed intruder).

Sharing the initial love- These stand for Luke & Michelle Middlebrooks. Sorry Jo.

I think I got the M at Anthropologie (purveyor of at least one alphabet collection at any given time). The L was a gift from Kristi B- who felt sad that Luke had no "L's" to speak of, and obviously did not believe me when I explained that M is for Middlebrooks.

Decked with M's: Mom got me both of these too I believe. Both are old, and the one on the left is probably from an old screen door- back when people put the first initial of their last name on their door.

I painted this one first...

...and this one second. I like this one better. I really feel I evolved as an artist in between pieces.

This one - I think - might be my favorite M. It is one that my Dad hand pounded out of copper- the picture doesn't do it justice, it is smooth and perfectly circular. I have it hanging in Jo's room, so our two front windows both have M's hanging in them. For Michelle Middlebrooks.

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Anonymous said...

My mom would be SOOOO proud to know that she made your blog. Even a picture! I cant wait to tell her.