Shopping for Jo

Twice in recent months Luke has stopped by a kid's consignment store & picked out clothes for Jo. It is totally random, sort of unusual for Luke, and terribly sweet. His last stop was at a shop in Hillsdale - he was killing time before his next appointment. Two odd things happened:
1) He unknowingly picked out the same blue rain coat I'd gotten Jo two weeks earlier at a DIFFERENT resale shop (what are the odds!?!?)
2) The Oregonian was there taking pics for an article. Guess who made the paper? Luke: Dad of the Year.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Ok, this is the cutest! I love that he shops for Jo, what a good daddy!

The Ropp Family said...

That is SO cute!!!!!

Patty & Jack said...

oh I want to see this cute coat!!