Things I Meant and Didn't Mean To Do Today

1. Meant to: Sleep in. Jo was up LATE last night so I figured she'd sleep in until 8 or so. Nope.
2. Meant to: Go to church. Jo was in a particularly crabby mood today, so she was in her crib for a nap by 10.
3. Didn't Mean to: Pick Jo up off the floor. She was SOOO tired but would not sleep at nap. She cried and played and yelled and then BAM she fell out of her crib somehow. Poor sweetie. She got some ibuprofen (I think she hit her head...) and eventually I laid her back down with my iphone and fingers crossed.
4. Meant to: go shopping. Not in the cards- Jo is still asleep.
5. Meant to: eat something relatively healthy. Vegetables just didn't win over left over pizza and waffles for breakfast.
6. Didn't Mean to: put on my pajamas after showering. But whoops, it happened.
7. Meant to: at least leave the house at some point.
8. Meant to: fix my wireless router- didn't happen. The thing is busted and my interwebs are made possible by a kindly neighbor letting me slurp off her wifi.

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Patty & Jack said...

this is why I'm ubstaining from children. Although showering and changing BACK into pjs is my kind of day!! :)