Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

Does a cat count?
My blog, my rules.
I'd trade with Annie.
I'm not saying she gets much respect around here, she's low man on the totem pole, but always looking for a leg up. If I was Annie for a day, my biggest challenge would be finding a new, unusual spot to nap & shed fur. Like the laundry basket, or the stroller.
I'd wait till my humans left for the day, and then I'd hop up on their clean counters and sink and walk around, leaving my foot prints on everything, and drinking out of the faucet. When my humans were in the other room tending to the kid, I'd hop up on the table and lap up some gravy off their plate. I'd make every effort not to hurry or run- unless food was involved, and I'd claw the dogs eyes out if he tried to hump me. But mostly, I'd sleep.