Ok I am definitely jumping on the bandwagon Patty's driving: 30 days of blogs, each with a theme. So Day 1 is a pic of me & 15 facts. Here we go. Pic is from my cousin's wedding. I cropped out ash & patty- sorry sisters.

15 facts...
1. I've been dating the same guy for 14 years. I'm hoping he'll ask me to go steady soon.
2. I have run 4 marathons.
3. I've worked for Nike Golf for 11.5 yrs, I was hired a few days before I graduated high school. I think what sold them was "president of future business leaders of america" on my resume.
4. My brother married my husband's cousin. So I get to see him at all family events on both sides!
5. I am a coupon addict: I have a stock shed full of free toothpaste, pasta, deodorant, etc. As recently as 2 week ago I climbed into the newspaper recycling bin at my dog park to get coupon inserts.
6. I'd take a hunk of cheese over a slice of cake any day.
7. I had a pet iguana when I was in middle school named Iggy.
8. I listen to audio books when I drive.
9. I have a baby the size of a lemon growing in my tummy.
10. I have a baby the size of a toddler jumping on my couch.
11. I wish I could walk better in heels, swim, sing, and play the piano. And juggle.
12. I am pigeon toed but mostly just on my right leg. My husband, to his ever-lasting credit, thinks it's "cute."
13. I just roasted a chicken and made gravy that would make my momma proud.
14. I watch America's Funniest Home Videos, which always, always makes me laugh.
15. My first car was a chevy malibu classic, two tone green with bench seats. It cost $500 and was a year younger than me.


Aunt nancy said...

I forgot all about iffy...I'm still amazed your mom let you have a lizard.

The Ropp Family said...

YA! I really like that everyone is jumping on this! Go P-atty, way to start a trend!

Des said...

I remember that car, you were so cool!