day 10: a pic of something you hate

Since I botched the last two posts I'll make up for it here. That's like when Carl Lewis is screwing up the national anthem SO bad that he says towards the end "I'll make up for it" and tanks the finish of the song even worse than the rest of it. If you haven't seen it, worth you-tubing. Painful.

Anyhow- Things I hate in no particular order:

1. Seafood in any form. My motto= "If it swims in the sea, it's not for me."

2. Being kissed on the neck- It causes a squirm reaction that I cannot control- I'd just as easily sneeze w/my eyes open as keep my neck straight while having someone breathe on it or kiss it.
3. Committing in advance to races or events- including hood to coast/shamrock run/race for the roses/portland marathon/etc. It hangs over my head.
4. Working through my lunch workout- it isn't that I love to workout- it is that I love having it out of the way. So today, things got crazy & no workout for me. Which makes me crabby.

5. Being woken up from a nap unless it is my own idea. Someone knocking on the door/my dog barking/fire alarms, whatever.
6. People being mean to my while I drive- even if I sort of deserve it. I take being honked at very personally. Which is why I was super upset to find a note "NICE PARKING JOB" on my car this weekend. I'm sure it had been there for days- which means I have no clue where or when it happened. I don't like feeling like I did something wrong. Even though I am a bad parker.
7. The smell of egg yolk spilled on the electric stovetop- when luke cooks eggs he cracks them on the side of the pan, which dribbles egg down the side of the pan onto the stovetop. And it smells HORRID.
8. Beans. I hate the taste/texture. Plus they make people fart and I hate farts too- so beans are doubly bad!

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