Day 2: a pic of you & the person you've been closest with the longest

Mom & Dad. I recently asked if they were super affectionate with us as kids. Oops. They were- but I just don't really remember that. I remember them being loving, nurturing, protective, etc- I just don't remember them kissing my toes like I kiss Jo's. I guess that's because you don't really remember things that happened when you were two. So I'll affirm their excellent parenting by telling you some of my favorite childhood memories, all made possible by the two best parents a person could have:

1. I collected barbie stickers that you bought like trading cards & pasted into books when I was about 6. I remember my dad coming home one day & he had barbie sticker packs in every pocket on him- he kept pulling them out & surprising me. It was like Christmas!
2. I remember when our neighbor boys were maybe going to have to leave their grandparents home & go into foster care, my sweet mom popped in a starlite mint and walked over to offer to foster the boy so they wouldn't have to go far. I'm not sure what ever happened with that, because the boys didn't have to move away, but that situation spoke volumes about my mom's character.
3. I remember my dad building an igloo with us at my grandma's house in the snow - a real one that had a domed roof that you could walk inside of. I remember being at open house night at capital hill elementary and there was a house on fire a few blocks away. My dad left us with my mom to run down and see if he could help.
4. I remember my mom spending hours and hours and HOURS working in her own mom's yard to keep it looking nice, and that she mowed my great grandma's lawn all the time. If I am helpful to my neighbor, it is because of what I saw modeled as a kid.
5. I remember lots of nights, the smell of dinner cooking. Being outside playing at dusk & being called in for dinner, the smell of charcoal bbq, ribs, and mac & cheese. I remember sitting on the couch watching The Wizard of Oz (vividly!) and having my mom bring me a hot blueberry muffin with butter melting on it. I remember my parents putting a bed sheet out on the living room floor and letting us watch movies while eating a giant bowl of salted, buttered popcorn. I remember doing my homework on Thanksgiving day in my clean (thanks to mom), warm bedroom- with my mom busy cooking, the house smelling wonderful, and anticipating all the fun we'd have when people started arriving. I remember pizza parties with Bart, Linda & the kids at Pietro's- my dad winning all sorts of free pinball games.
6. I remember my dad giving in when I HAD to have pimple cream in fifth grade one weeknight (as in, he went to fred meyer THAT night for me) and when I HAD to have nike's for my first (and only) year of middle school basketball.
7. I remember my mom singing, she had the most beautiful voice I'd ever heard. And the air of excitement when I'd hear her high heels click-clack on the entryway floor- it meant they were dressed up & going somewhere special, and that Granny would be over to play with us.

Love you mom & dad!!!


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Love this!

Anonymous said...

okay you are back in the will. love you tons and tons xxoo mom

Anonymous said...

oh honey, my singing is awful. mybe you remember just laughing at me xxoo