Day 4: A picture of your night

Work nights are crazy- unpacking from the day, packing for the next day, re-setting the alarm, prepping tomorrow's coffee, making dinner, cleaning up, bathing Jo, and bed time. Phew.

It's all about HER:

Except last night, which was partially about making stew & prepping veggies for the next few dinners:

Nope- back to Jo:

And back to stew- luke giving the thumbs up as I'm browning beef for Pioneer Woman's delicious BEEF STEW WITH BEER. Confession- I had a few sips (sorry baby.) I've made this recipe 2x in the last month- it has just barely edged out "Bobbitt Beef Stew" to become my new favorite stew...and I was loyal to Bobbitt Beef Stew for years. Sarah, a traditionalist, will not appreciate the beer in this stew at all, and I doubt her momma will approve either :)


christian said...

it's like i always say...who cares what sarah thinks? also, the MLS schedule comes out on thursday. if there is a Timbers game when i'm in town May 25-June 2, i request permission to invite Luke. i think that's it.

oh. jo is a cutie.

Dottie said...

Ok, she is SO cute! The recipe looks great, I'll have to give it a try. Hope you and babe to be are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Well I am way more okay with you using a new recipe than you butchering our family legacy of Bobbit Stew.

Monica said...

Jo is getting so big! Loved trying to catch up on your blog (I was way behind). You always crack me up! Thank you for a good laugh :) And I think about you often for a funny reason... A LONG time ago I watched a video you posted on here of Jo playing with the dog and I loved the pet-name Rucker Roo. And months later I found myself calling Jaron, Rucker Roo! It stuck... it doesn't make sense to anyone else, but I thought you could appreciate it :)