Day whatever- pictures of things I love

Things I love:
1. Gallucci's Pizza. Best pizza I've ever had. It's in Lincoln City, where I'll be this weekend!
2. Cotswald cheese- one of my favorites. Cheddar with chives. 3. Bonus rounds on slot machine games. I especially like sitting next to my dad & when he hits a bonus round I yell, "WOOHOO!!!!!" fairly loud- then everyone pauses their gambling to look at my dad.

4. Good stand up comedy.

5. A good couponing haul.

6. My MOM's homemade chex mix.

7. A mug of beer that is so cold there are small ice crystals in the beer.

8. Spaghetti Factory's Browned Butter & Mizithra Cheese dish. Though I never get quite so much cheese as is shown here!

9. McDonald's fries with extra salt dipped in their bbq sauce. Oops! I just noticed the caption on this picture- ha! True, but I'm hard to dissuade when I have my mind set on fries.

I recognize this entire post was mostly about food...which is on my mind a lot these days!

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