A pic of a band you love

I won't pretend even for a second that I'm a "music person." I listen to the radio. If it's not commercialized or STRONGLY suggested by someone I know, it will never cross my path. So here are my non-original, mainstream, anti-indie band pick pics:
1. The Fray
2. Lady A- my favorite song right now is Hello World.3. Zac Brown Band.
4. Third Day
4. Mumford & Sons - as little as 2 weeks ago I saw them on Katie's blog & wondered who they were. Then we were watching the grammy's (gagging through all the other performances) and saw them, fell in love, and we are all of the sudden blue grass band wagon jumpers.

Last but not least- my running 'band' - black eyed peas. Fergie motivates me while I run up hills.

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