Baby Dos

Yesterday I had my 20 week ultrasound. Luke, the baby's father (in case there was any question), missed the ultrasound. He claimed to be stuck across town in Beaverton traffic...clearly suspicious as I've never heard of traffic out there. Anyhow, the tech took some pics. Luke is dead set on NOT finding out the sex, but I want to know. So I had the tech write down the gender & put it in an envelope. Which Luke forcefully confiscated and has hidden somewhere. It's driving me nuts. I thought he'd cave for sure, but he remains a pillar of strength.
Here's the foot of my baby:

Here's the arm & profile of my baby:

Here's the gender of our baby:


Dottie said...

I'm dying to know!!!

Patty & Jack said...

Booo. I clicked on the envelope... thinking it was the note card and possibly written in a faint pencil. :(

The Ropp Family said...

I just want to nibble on it's sweet little toes!!!

So-why can't we all know and you guys be surprised? Just pass the envelope around!

Anonymous said...

looks just like jo did. so we can't go wrong. xxoo. i'm hoping for a girl or we might have to buy a`bigger house to house boys' toys.