Up until last week, when my dog park pals invited me to dinner at the Delta Cafe on Woodstock, I'd been eating fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and whole wheat complex carbohydrates. Just teasing. They lured me with their fabulous company and promises of deep fried food --- and they vowed not to let me pay. So Tammy, thanks for dinner. It was amazing- I can't believe I've lived within 5 miles of this place for so long & never eaten there! I had fried chicken, tater tot casserole, and mac & cheese. YUM.

Tammy, Tony & Les were great entertainment. I don't remember the last time I laughed that hard! As we were leaving I talked them into getting ice cream. I told them the last time I went out for ice cream I made the mistake of ordering first. I was with my running girls. I thought we had an unspoken agreement about gorging together since we run so stinking far together. I was wrong- after I ordered a dbl scoop waffle cone I turned around to find them daintily eating mini scoops with teaspoons. Tammy, Tony & Leslie were no better. Tammy turned down ice cream all together, tony skipped the cone, and les actually told the kid: that's enough ice cream. I left with a dbl scoop waffle cone. I'm pregnant, you know.

After dinner Leslie gave me a jar of her home canned pickles. Full of fried chicken & ice cream, I mustered the will power to save the pickles for the next day. They were amazing. I'm canning with her this summer. The pickles were gone in 24 hrs.Chevy's hot sauce. It says it's HOT, but the first ingredient is actually mangoes. There's a bottle on every table. Between my mom, ash & I we ate almost a full bottle last time we were there. The great news is they'll sell it to you if you ask.

The best I saved for last. Saturday night I left my friend Amy's baby shower feeling like I needed a little something. I'd been wanting to try Potato Champion
since I found out they have poutine. POUTINE is a food delight credited to the Canadians. It's fries + gravy + cheese curds. And it is AMAZING. My only complaint was that the cheese was not quite as melty as I'd have liked. I was able to power through it though

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