Today I asked Luke where the closest Safeway was to his Grandma's house.
He said "122nd & Powell."
I looked it up online & found the address was 3287 se 122nd.
He said that was the one @ 122nd & Powell.
I googled it anyhow & said, "yep, it's at 122nd & Powell- I googled it."
He said, "You didn't need to Google it, you could of just Luugled it."
My dad will appreciate this since I almost always google the facts he tells me- some of them are pretty unbelievable:
1. Those sheep have green marks on them in honor of st. patrick's day (regarding green-marked sheep seen on the side of the road on st. patrick's day). FALSE
2. There is more nutritional value in the seed of an apple than the entire apple. TRUE (although they also have a poisonous compound in them)
3. Domesticated ducks turn white. TRUE

Two out of three isn't bad, especially since #1 was more of a "LIE" than "FALSE."

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Tera said...

I bought all the oatmeal and plain cheerios....sorry