At 30 years old there aren't many "firsts" I've got left ahead. At least not good ones. No more first kisses, no more first babies, no more first houses or first cars or first trips to Hawaii. We're talking more like: first gray hair (check), first time dropping a kiddo off at school (sniff), first fight with a teenage child (no thanks), etc. Now really, I feel like "the best is ready to begin" (ten points if you know what theme song that's from), so don't get me wrong. I'm just setting the stage for a big first that happens tomorrow:

Between 11:30 and noon, two women will knock on my door, come into my house, and clean it top to bottom.

Somehow I feel like I have to confess this, like there's something pretentious about having a maid. My running girls (all working, independent women & momma's) and I talk about it carefully- like we have to explain our rationale: "I just have more important things to do! It is worth $50 every two weeks to not have to worry about dusting my baseboards- I work full time, I have a lot going on, I have a career- I can afford this, and I deserve it. I'd rather spend time playing with my kid than rushing around after work trying to clean toilets when my child is trying to get my attention."

It reminds me of a teacher in high school who explained outsourcing in this way: If Michael Jordan makes an average of $500/hr, and mows his own lawn when he could be paying $10/hr to have it done, he is actually LOSING money by doing it himself. I'm not exactly MJ but the concept makes sense. Still it feels like I'm committing housewife sacrilege: like I'm making mashed potatoes out of a box. Which is something I abhor, but have actually done about 3 times in my life...and vow to never do again.

This is not a commitment. I'm not signing up for regular service. I got a steal of a deal on living social (2 cleaning ladies, 3-4 hrs, $70). I would practically have been throwing money away NOT to buy it. So we'll see how it goes.

So Mom: If I get fake nails, a spray tan, buy a mercedes or have enhancement surgery you can worry. Don't worry yet.


Kate said...

Oh, good fOr you!! Don't clean up before they get there!

Patty & Jack said...

Show me that smile again.
Ooh show me that smile.
Don't waste another minute on your crying.
We're nowhere near the end.
We're nowhere near.
The best is ready to begin.

LOVE that you are doing it. I would probably clean before they came. hahah

The Ropp Family said...

Gah, so exxited for you! I'm with Patty, knowing myself I'd clean before they came so it didn't look so bad!

Anonymous said...

i approve 100 percent. you should have them come at least once a week. you can always clean, but you can't get backbaby time with jo.xxoo mom