General Updates

1. I got up in the middle of the night & upon returning to bed
Luke said to me: So what do we think?
Me: Huh?
Luke: What do we think?
Me: We think I had to go to the bathroom & get a drink of water.
Me: What do you mean "what do we think?"
Luke: I thought you were Charles Barkley.

That's fair. I can see how I could be mistaken for a 6'3" 300 lb black man.

2. I ran 13.1 miles Sunday in the Race for the Roses half marathon. I have to say- I wouldn't normally think that was a sane thing to do pregnant, but this girl at work is like 9 months prego & still running 10 miles every Saturday. So I've gotten all worked up and affronted by her bad-assness and feel like I don't want to be outdone. I ran it slower than last year, but only by 8 minutes! Not too shabby!

3. I am like a leap year gardner, meaning I'm only interested in gardening 1 year out of every 4. This isn't a good habit, but this year is an "on" year. Must be the nesting instinct taking over...the one that dissapears the second this baby arrives & I have zero time or interest in gardening again.

4. Baby #2 has popped big time. And here's how I know: I started the day w/my jeans buttoned, and ended the day with them unbuttoned. Then I transitioned to sweats & all is restored.

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