Iphone Catch Up Pics

My iphone pics rarely get blog facetime, so here it goes- all the moments captured on my phone instead of my camera:

1. Dad the baker. What you should know is that he is making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my MOM at her request. He doesn't even like them (which didn't actually stop him from eating a few, but that's besides the point). He followed the recipe (a concept that my mom & I don't subscribe to, and then complain when "recipes" fail). He is using an COOKIE DOUGH SCOOP for perfectly rounded and evenly proportioned servings. Interestingly enough, they baked evenly...perhaps for that very reason.

2. David, Chris & Luke @ Chris & Rachel's joint-bday-party, Kennedy School. FYI, Luke & I are so old that we stopped to get coffee on the way there & were home & in bed by 10:30. Ouch.

3. How I find her almost every night as she unwinds- she dumps out all her books in a circle around her & reads to herself. ignore the muddy cat paw prints.

4. Jo & her "shexee" which is how she pronounces "Lexee." Lexee is her BFF and the best babysitter known to man. These two will have such a special relationship for the rest of their life!

5. Thank you Sarah for these colorful overalls, which are cute, but that Jo refuses to remove. She slept in them that night, though I was able to wrangle the rain boots and sunglasses off her.

6. Mommy had some serious work from home hours to log on Friday, which landed Jo some sesame street time. She loves elmo.

7. Aunt Amanda sent a TON of summer dresses to Jo, and Jo couldn't wait for sunshine (who can wait for something like that in OREGON!?) so she rocked the dress + cowboy boots + pigtails to church Sunday.

8. Chris (Ropp) wouldn't leave Costco w/o this bear, which he says he bought for Jo but really I think he bought it for himself. Here's Ashley with her new bear. Ridiculous and that thing is NOT setting foot in my house. It would take up 20% of our square footage.

9. Me & Cristina @ the start of the half marathon last week. how cute is she?

10. Jo's new thing is "outside" - she wants to be outside all the time. Here she is in a crazy gettup of pj's vest sunglasses & boots, mugging w/her daddy.

11. Porch swinging 2 poppa & grammy's

12. Luke fixing his grandma's toilet. Jack talked him through it over the phone, but Luke pulled through. Who knew I'd be surrounded by so many men who are good with toilets in my life?

13. I am not ashamed that I stood at the counter & ate girl scout thin mints + whipped cream for 15 minutes the other night. I took this pic to send to my sis Naomee to make her jealous. It worked.

14. Ryan Heath took this, this was literally taken the second the cashier told Luke it would be $35 for two adults to get into the Newport Aquarium. That's what I call maritime hustling.

15. Love this, also by Ryan.

16. Final Ryan Heath pic- these jelly fish were SO cool!

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Anonymous said...

loved the jelly fish too. i could watch them for hours. xxoo mom