Terry on "Women"

Terry's all about healthy self esteem. Major themes in our conversation include: what others have said about him that is positive, what his doctor has said about him that is positive, and what his neighbors have said about him that is positive. I'm all for healthy self esteem, but I like to focus mostly on my own. He's the opposite. So we don't have a ton of common ground. When I talk, he says "uh-huh." And when he talks I say, "em-hm." The other day though curiousity got the best of me & I had to dig a little deeper...

Terry: Welp, everyone keeps asking me, "When you gonna settle down!?" And I just tell 'em, "I'm not!!!"
Me: em-hm.
Me: Wait- what do you mean, "settle down?" (he's lived in the same place for about 20 yrs, he's not the wandering nomad sort, and he has no penchant for high risk/adrenaline sports. I'm not sure how much more settled the guy could be. In fact he spends a good deal of time sitting in a lawn chair in his drive way watching light residential traffic.)
Terry: Ya know, get a WOMAN.
Me: Oh right. A WOMAN. Why don't you want one?
Terry: CUZ! I'd rather save all my money!

Those women...they'll take the dollars from your wallet & the pennies from your pocket. Bleed you dry, they will.

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