why it rocks to be a grown up

A while back my nephews were playing a physically intense round of hide & seek tag. They asked me to join & I politely declined. They said, it must be boring to be a grown up b/c you never get to have any fun. I felt defensive of the funness of being a grown up & replied with these reasons it is more fun to be a grown up than a kid:

1. You know how your parents only by you pop on special occasions? I can fill up my ENTIRE FRIDGE with pop if I want.

2. Whenever I want I can drive to McDonalds & buy burgers & fries and ice cream.

3. If I want to, I can go into Toys R Us and buy ANY toy I want.

4. I can drive myself anywhere I want to go.

5. I get to see all the good movies.

6. I am the boss of me.

7. I get to be in charge of the remote control (which actually is a big lie...have you met luke?)

8. If I want popsicles for dinner I can have 'em.

9. I get to go on all the rides you're too short for.

10. I get to go to bed WHENEVER I WANT.

Is it like....?

Today I had my skirt pulled up high (for comfort, not show. the waistband needed to go up over the bump instead of below it) & I looked like humpty dumpty. I walked by luke and he laughed and said, "I can't take you seriously." I know what he means- this baby seems so big and I have OVER TWO MONTHS TO GO! I told him some co-workers speculated this giant child must be a boy, because boys are often bigger than girls. Then I added, "but almost all second kids are bigger regardless of sex." He asked why & I explained, "because your body just knows what to do & stretches easier the second time around.

Then he said, "Like koi in a koi pond? They grow to the size of the pond?"

Yes honey. Just like that.


lions & gazelles

Twice this week on the way to work I saw a car pulled over by a cop for speeding. EVERY time I see someone pulled over I have two thoughts:

a) I feel like cops are predators on the Serengeti & I am an innocent gazelle amongst my herd, travelling down the freeway unaware of the lions lurking in clever corners with radar guns.

b) Each time I pass someone getting a ticket I am thankful that this time I was not the weakest gazelle. I feel like I should throw five or ten bucks out the window to the weak gazelle to say, "thanks for taking one for the team. Because you're pulled over & the cop is distracted, he will not know I am going 65 in a 55."

Running with Luke

This morning I ran 8 miles, the first five WITH LUKE!!! That's right. Non-runner luke busted out a five miler with maybe a total of 4 minutes walking during the entire thing. I told him we are like physical fitness ships passing in the night- he on his way towards peak physical shape & I on the slow decline towards swollen feet and heart burn. He ran like a champ but we had a few issues:

a) Luke did not know it was a poor choice to eat a bowl of cheerios pre-run. Two words: milk burps.

b) Luke did not know running is mother nature's way of pointing out where your skin touches. One word: chafing.

c) Luke did not know that when we need to consolidate to single file to let others pass, I move ahead & whoever else I am with moves behind. Two word: power struggle.

d) Luke did not know that he would look incredibly showey when he sprinted up the last 4 block hill at twice my speed. One word: braggart

e) Luke did not know that he would hear the story about the tortoise and the hare when after sprinting up the hill he had to walk a block while I maintained my [slow and steady] pace. Two words: Take That.

f) Luke did not know that I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT stop at "4.98 miles." Eight words: Laps around the front yard for .02 miles.

g) Luke did not know that I would feel somewhat threatened over his spontaneous and unrehearsed display of running prowess. So I left him at home after 5 miles & ran 3 more on my own. Two words: I Win.


pics of late

Thanks to my photojournalistic sis, Patty, for documenting the moment's of my life ;)

Me & my blushing groom.

A better pic of the girls in their dresses- I love a confused Savannah in the background 29 weeks

Happy Bday MOM!


wedding dress party for kimmee's 23rd!

Patty has the bridal hook up, so we all got 80's wedding dresses to wear to Kim's 23rd bday party. I am hoping someone got more pictures than what I have on my phone...this was the best costume party EVER!!!

I was the pregnant bride, Kimmee was ripped & torn bride, Rachel was madonna bride, Patty was princess ariel bride, Katie was princess catherine windsor bride, ash was pleated shoulder pad bride and melissa was tinkerbell bride!

Happy Bday Kimberly- We love you!

PS- We had every intention of going out in our get-ups, but around midnight we turned into pumpkins and left the ball.


Wonder what this is about...

No explanation now, but details to be posted Sunday...


breaking news

last night i posted this on facebook:
The mommy shortcut of sticking your hand down the back of a diaper to check for "dirtiness" is a-live-on-the-edge gamble. Tonight I rolled the dice and lost the farm.

tonight i bring you this improvement:
we had an official poopy in the potty!!!

she got a special poopy in the potty trick- a gummy vitamin. we are such tricky parents!


Jo's 2nd yr in photos

I love this kid. I have no unique thoughts on the overwhelming love of a parent, so I'll leave at this: I didn't know my life was incomplete until I had her. Right now as I post this I'm laying in bed next to her. She's on the iphone, I'm on the computer. Dad's doing P90x in the living room, and I'm sipping coffee. These are the things that add up to happiness!

May 2010- turning one & introduced to chocolate frosting

June 2010- Save came for a visit with her new double stroller. Jo: "This is SO awesome!" Sav: "Calm down kid. You can ride in my new wheels, but don't ask to drive or anything."

July 2010: Crescent Lake, one of my favorite pictures of Jo

August 2010: Girl's trip to the beach

September 2010: Meeting cousin Finley for the first time!

October 2010: iphone pic of my baby sleeping

November 2010: Tired girl on thanksgiving won't give up her popcorn ball

December 2010: Jo assists us in announcing that she'll be a big sis. Her thoughts on the issue: "No comment at this time."

January 2011: Celebrating Sav's 2nd bday in the Phoenix sunshine:

February 2011: Jo now says (with a sarcastic toddler tone): "Marker face....BAAAAD choice!"

March 2011: With daddy after he won his judo match, saying "ew dad, you're wet."

April 2011: dozing with Aunt Lexee, her favorite person on the planet:

May 2011: Pumped for more cake and rocking pigtails that look more like hairplugs, but hey- growing hair is a genetic challenge inherited from her momma's side.

Second Birthday Party!

Jo turned TWO last week. There were an insane amount of: people packed in our little house; hamburgers on the grill; and FUN. Here are the pics minus sappy reflections on my baby turning two (i'll post sap later):
Party attenders gave the trampoline 2 thumbs up:

Beautiful fmaily

Grandpa & his [rarely compliant] girl. Grandpa makes Jo special "eggies" which Mom cannot replicate on our own stove.

This guy manned the grill and sired the child. That's all men have to be responsible for.

Cousin Kevin & Christina. Editorial note- Take note of the crapped out yard in the background- it will look VASTLY different in 2 weeks. We've got plans. Also note this was the 5th take of this photo, and kev & christina couldn't pull it off w/o motion blur, but Rucker was steadfast in every pic. Good dog knows how to pose. Finally, the red bull in Kevin's hand was brought by himself, not served by me. But it does raise an interesting thought: red bull punch at a toddler's bday. That could be interesting...

The blasted bear. Uncle Buddy & Aunt Ash got this giant bear and kept threatening to give it to Jo. My house is 944 sq feet and this bear takes up 33%. And of course Jo loves it. It takes up my place on the couch & my spot in bed. It eats my share of the food and borrows my clothes without asking. The bear needs to go.

Bugging Thomas- the anticipation

and payoff


Bday song:
Uncle Matt was a special in town guest for Jo's bday. She LOVED having him stay w/us b/c Unca Matt knows toddlers and gave Jo his undivided attention- well, with one eye on the draft at all times!


The Price is RIGHT

Every time I reach up to slam down my car's hatch back, I envision myself spinning the big wheel on The Price is Right, hoping to land on the $1.00 spot for a chance at winning the showcase showdown (and instantly winning $1000 cash). The old ladies always needed some help from Bob to get the wheel to complete a full spin (less than full spin requires a re-spin), but when I slam my car trunk w/gusto I think, "I would not need Bob's help."

Obviously it is past my bed time, so good night.