Is it like....?

Today I had my skirt pulled up high (for comfort, not show. the waistband needed to go up over the bump instead of below it) & I looked like humpty dumpty. I walked by luke and he laughed and said, "I can't take you seriously." I know what he means- this baby seems so big and I have OVER TWO MONTHS TO GO! I told him some co-workers speculated this giant child must be a boy, because boys are often bigger than girls. Then I added, "but almost all second kids are bigger regardless of sex." He asked why & I explained, "because your body just knows what to do & stretches easier the second time around.

Then he said, "Like koi in a koi pond? They grow to the size of the pond?"

Yes honey. Just like that.


Anonymous said...

You guys are the BEST!


Anonymous said...

there is a name for the baby, kiojust imagine all the laughs he or he will get when explaining how she got her name. you guys are too funny. ooxx mom