Second Birthday Party!

Jo turned TWO last week. There were an insane amount of: people packed in our little house; hamburgers on the grill; and FUN. Here are the pics minus sappy reflections on my baby turning two (i'll post sap later):
Party attenders gave the trampoline 2 thumbs up:

Beautiful fmaily

Grandpa & his [rarely compliant] girl. Grandpa makes Jo special "eggies" which Mom cannot replicate on our own stove.

This guy manned the grill and sired the child. That's all men have to be responsible for.

Cousin Kevin & Christina. Editorial note- Take note of the crapped out yard in the background- it will look VASTLY different in 2 weeks. We've got plans. Also note this was the 5th take of this photo, and kev & christina couldn't pull it off w/o motion blur, but Rucker was steadfast in every pic. Good dog knows how to pose. Finally, the red bull in Kevin's hand was brought by himself, not served by me. But it does raise an interesting thought: red bull punch at a toddler's bday. That could be interesting...

The blasted bear. Uncle Buddy & Aunt Ash got this giant bear and kept threatening to give it to Jo. My house is 944 sq feet and this bear takes up 33%. And of course Jo loves it. It takes up my place on the couch & my spot in bed. It eats my share of the food and borrows my clothes without asking. The bear needs to go.

Bugging Thomas- the anticipation

and payoff


Bday song:
Uncle Matt was a special in town guest for Jo's bday. She LOVED having him stay w/us b/c Unca Matt knows toddlers and gave Jo his undivided attention- well, with one eye on the draft at all times!

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