Jo's 2nd yr in photos

I love this kid. I have no unique thoughts on the overwhelming love of a parent, so I'll leave at this: I didn't know my life was incomplete until I had her. Right now as I post this I'm laying in bed next to her. She's on the iphone, I'm on the computer. Dad's doing P90x in the living room, and I'm sipping coffee. These are the things that add up to happiness!

May 2010- turning one & introduced to chocolate frosting

June 2010- Save came for a visit with her new double stroller. Jo: "This is SO awesome!" Sav: "Calm down kid. You can ride in my new wheels, but don't ask to drive or anything."

July 2010: Crescent Lake, one of my favorite pictures of Jo

August 2010: Girl's trip to the beach

September 2010: Meeting cousin Finley for the first time!

October 2010: iphone pic of my baby sleeping

November 2010: Tired girl on thanksgiving won't give up her popcorn ball

December 2010: Jo assists us in announcing that she'll be a big sis. Her thoughts on the issue: "No comment at this time."

January 2011: Celebrating Sav's 2nd bday in the Phoenix sunshine:

February 2011: Jo now says (with a sarcastic toddler tone): "Marker face....BAAAAD choice!"

March 2011: With daddy after he won his judo match, saying "ew dad, you're wet."

April 2011: dozing with Aunt Lexee, her favorite person on the planet:

May 2011: Pumped for more cake and rocking pigtails that look more like hairplugs, but hey- growing hair is a genetic challenge inherited from her momma's side.

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