Running with Luke

This morning I ran 8 miles, the first five WITH LUKE!!! That's right. Non-runner luke busted out a five miler with maybe a total of 4 minutes walking during the entire thing. I told him we are like physical fitness ships passing in the night- he on his way towards peak physical shape & I on the slow decline towards swollen feet and heart burn. He ran like a champ but we had a few issues:

a) Luke did not know it was a poor choice to eat a bowl of cheerios pre-run. Two words: milk burps.

b) Luke did not know running is mother nature's way of pointing out where your skin touches. One word: chafing.

c) Luke did not know that when we need to consolidate to single file to let others pass, I move ahead & whoever else I am with moves behind. Two word: power struggle.

d) Luke did not know that he would look incredibly showey when he sprinted up the last 4 block hill at twice my speed. One word: braggart

e) Luke did not know that he would hear the story about the tortoise and the hare when after sprinting up the hill he had to walk a block while I maintained my [slow and steady] pace. Two words: Take That.

f) Luke did not know that I absolutely CANNOT and WILL NOT stop at "4.98 miles." Eight words: Laps around the front yard for .02 miles.

g) Luke did not know that I would feel somewhat threatened over his spontaneous and unrehearsed display of running prowess. So I left him at home after 5 miles & ran 3 more on my own. Two words: I Win.


The Ropp Family said...

Luke wins. He kicked your butt! Go brother!

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Ha! I love this post and I love you guys!

Des said...

this so reminds me of a one mile race that left Luke gasping for air and you bringing up the rear.... i mean finishing without even a drop of sweat!

Anonymous said...

i knew luke was a runner at heart and just as competitive. i hope he kicks your butt next time, but only if he carries a 15 pound of something to make it more even.ooxx