why it rocks to be a grown up

A while back my nephews were playing a physically intense round of hide & seek tag. They asked me to join & I politely declined. They said, it must be boring to be a grown up b/c you never get to have any fun. I felt defensive of the funness of being a grown up & replied with these reasons it is more fun to be a grown up than a kid:

1. You know how your parents only by you pop on special occasions? I can fill up my ENTIRE FRIDGE with pop if I want.

2. Whenever I want I can drive to McDonalds & buy burgers & fries and ice cream.

3. If I want to, I can go into Toys R Us and buy ANY toy I want.

4. I can drive myself anywhere I want to go.

5. I get to see all the good movies.

6. I am the boss of me.

7. I get to be in charge of the remote control (which actually is a big lie...have you met luke?)

8. If I want popsicles for dinner I can have 'em.

9. I get to go on all the rides you're too short for.

10. I get to go to bed WHENEVER I WANT.

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