Poppa Song

At some point Jo started requesting songs about people and as I'm always looking for an excuse to show off my vocal talent (*gag*), I've been happy to comply. It started out that she'd request a "Poppa song" where I have to make up a song about my dad. He's the number one request- followed closely by Hunter (her dog-uncle) and Finley (her baby cousin). Anyhow, I would like to say I've never been asked to sing a "mommy song"- so she gets those sometimes without requesting them.

Anyhow- after a nap with me this weekend I asked HER to sing a song. I got a mash up (that's for you patty/glee) of poppa-patty-ashley-sesame street-twinkle twinkle.


random pics

I have been so busy at work that I've had no time for LIFE! Poor Jo, this will be the forgotten era of her life in terms of pics/videos! Here's some random ones from last few monhths!

Bad timing-

Katie & the girls were in town. Sav & Jo were obviously enjoying one another's company- like anyone else in this time of technology: side by side on their own iphones, texting each other instead of talking.

Kimmee was in town too from South Africa- we are so proud of her. She has dedicated her life to fighting injustice- working to prevent human trafficking.

30 ish weeks

here's belly shot from last month. things have only gotten bigger since then...


Kimmee is getting hitched- she got engaged to a very sweet german boy, named Oliver. She is madly in love and I can't wait to meet this special guy. In the mean time, here's a pic of a very happy kimberly: