Poppa Song

At some point Jo started requesting songs about people and as I'm always looking for an excuse to show off my vocal talent (*gag*), I've been happy to comply. It started out that she'd request a "Poppa song" where I have to make up a song about my dad. He's the number one request- followed closely by Hunter (her dog-uncle) and Finley (her baby cousin). Anyhow, I would like to say I've never been asked to sing a "mommy song"- so she gets those sometimes without requesting them.

Anyhow- after a nap with me this weekend I asked HER to sing a song. I got a mash up (that's for you patty/glee) of poppa-patty-ashley-sesame street-twinkle twinkle.


Patty & Jack said...

LOVE the smile that she gets when she starts to sing her Poppa Song!!! Great mashup Mitch. You are raising quite the little star!!

The Ropp Family said...

Is she too young to audition for American Idol? Rats. What a cutie!xoxox

Anonymous said...

i just want to eat her up she is so dangcute. especially when she is being shy. xoo