Bbbbaby update

Baby update stats:
1) Baby is BREECH. boo. Dr will schedule a manual turn in 2 weeks if baby hasn't flipped, but based on ultrasound she thinks he/she is in great position to flip on its own, and encouraged me to push on my left side a little when I feel like the baby is trying to flip. Which I have been doing mercilessly. There are also some odd positions recommended (thank you google) to encourage baby to flip...so hopefully there are no hidden cameras in my house. It is not attractive.

2) Ultrasound provided further evidence of baby's gender, which my dr begged to tell me. But I held out. She did call the baby HE and SHE several times....AND raised the question of circumcision...so mabye a boy??? Or she's throwing me off the trail all together.

3) Baby's estimated weight=6.6 lbs. By my calculations my placenta must weigh 5 lbs as well as each boob. They don't offer that sort of statistic, but if I work backwards it is clear. You don't need a degree in medicine to figure it out- just a community college course in positive thinking :)

4) I am 1 cm dilated. Not bad for a breech baby. For a good time, grab a ruler (that's a "woowah" for you, jack) and check out how big 10 cm is. That should send chills down your spine.

5) To encourage early bonding, this baby is bringing Johonna some elmo pajamas and a birthday cake to share. It's a tight fit in there.

Jo Updates:
6) Johonna sang ICE ICE BABY TOO COLD to the doctor, receptionist, and nurse today. It was totally scripted- they think she is funny & we aim to please.

7) Jo pee-peed in the potty this week one time. She also took off a poopy diaper in her crib & finger painted. I'd like to think they cancel each other out, but poo-on-wall beats pee-in-potty everytime.

8) Jo is a swimming machine at swim lessons. She is even doing some face down front swimming!

9) Jo composed her first email this week, to Poppa. He claimed to know what she was saying, but it looked suspiciously like "32eeeeeeeewwwwwwooooe444444w22 2ssssssssssss" to me.

10) My sweet little girl played in her crib for nearly 3 hours tonight before falling asleep. You should hear that kid belt out TINKA TINKA YITTA STAAAAAHHHH. It makes me smile.


Nina said...

God's blessings on this new life.
What an awesome family awaits baby M.
Praying (:

Kate & Matt Heihn said...

LOVE this post!!!