my life in texts

If you have an iphone you know that the message screen can be an interesting glimpse into your relationships. Here are some that are showing on my message screen - I'm not telling you who they are from/to, you just have to guess.

Let me know if you can make it. Nate is giving out free physicals...

A little boy took a bite out of her arm!

It's on like donkey kong.

Me too woot.


Picking the pink donut frosting off the nose prior to eating it.

Do you have vern's number?

Admittedly it's tempting...

pink for spring.

Did either of her dear uncles give Jo pop??? She's WIDE awake...

Don't show ANYONE but...

What are you thinking? Is this sexy gifts or registered wedding gifts?

In my defense, I just got done running.

Is that a pregnant thing or an over achiever move?

We fit in one moo-moo.

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